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Episode 1, Page 2

Episode 1, Page 3

Episode 1, Page 4


Fist Full of Magic - Ghost Rabbit Entertainment

These were done for a video game/animation company called Ghost Rabbit Entertainment for a pitch on an CG animated TV show based on their video game and comic books.

Genre: Supernatural western

Episode 1, Page 1

Episode 1, Page 4

Episode 1, Page 5


Episode 1 of an untitled webisode for Apocalyptic Doodle

This piece was designed to be produced in Flash as a web episode, not 3D or 2D animation. Therefore, choices were made in the storyboards based on limitations of the creation software.


Sister Psychic by Smashmouth

This was a storyboard created for a proposed music video.

If you want to see it timed to the song, click here.


The Jinx: Prologue, vignette 1

These storyboards were done for a movie project that used animated vignettes for prologues. I used this vignette used for a 2D animated project.

To view the animation, click here.


Commercial pitch for "Toast 'ems" breakfast pastry

Client: Fairman Schmidt and Cappelli Advertising Agency

Storyboards for a commercial presentation from an advertising agency

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