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3D Modeling

A-Wing Wireframe Three-Quarter Front View

A-Wing Fighter Wireframe Rear View


A-Wing Fighter from
Star Wars

Number of Faces: 11,019
Number of Tris: 21,796

 Opening Canopy

Coffee Server Wireframe

Coffee Server Rendered


Turkish Coffee Server

Number of Faces: 300
Number of Tris: 576

 Coffee Server Photo Reference


Lotheraina - Rendered

Lotheraina Bust - Wireframe




"Factions" Lotheraina

Number of Faces: 22,586
Number of Tris: 46,456


Lotheraina was originally modeled in SubDivision Surfaces which have been converted into Polygons. This is why the mesh has a bunch of T junctions. I model mostly in Polygons now, so I'd build it that way if I had to do over, but this shows I know a bit about SubDs too.


Brinn's Body - wireframe

Brinn's Head - Wireframe




"Factions" Brinn

Number of Faces: 10,790
Number of Tris: 21,454



Factions Space Fighter - Render

Factions Space Fighter - Wireframe




"Factions" Space Fighter (Small)

Number of Faces: 7,356
Number of Tris: 14,284



Kitchen Faucet - Render

Kitchen Faucet - Wireframe




Kitchen Faucet

Number of Faces: 3,840
Number of Tris: 7,712



Chimney Sweep Cat - Wireframe

Chimney Sweep Cat




Chimney Sweep Cat

Number of Faces (Including Sweep): 3,390
Number of Tris (Including Sweep): 6,558
Time of Design and Modeling: 4 hours

This was a competition piece. The subject and occupation were drawn at random at the start of the competition. We were given exactly 4 hours to design, research (if necessary), and model a character. This is what I came up with in 4 hours.


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